• Node.js >= 12

  • Git

  • Android Studio (for Android apps)

  • Xcode >= 10 (for iOS apps)

  • CocoaPods (if using a version of React Native >= 0.60)

Electrode Native is a Node.js application therefore, Node.js 12+ must be installed on your workstation.

The git command line client must be present on your workstation and declared in your PATH (i.e running git from a terminal, should not fail with "command not found" error)

Electrode Native is relying on the git client for Cauldron and Manifest access.

Android Studio is required if you are targeting Android platform.

After you install Android Studio, set the ANDROID_SDK env variable to point to the location of the Android SDK--if it has not been set already. An example of the SDK path is shown below.

$ export ANDROID_SDK=/Users/[YOUR_USER_NAME]/Library/Android/sdk

Xcode is required if you are targetting iOS platform.

Xcode 10 or later version is required.

If running Electrode Native on a Mac, and using a version of React Native >= 0.60, CocoaPods install is required even if only targeting Android platform.

Additional optional requirements

If your workflow involves pushing OTA updates using CodePush, you'll need to have an account setup for CodePush.

What about React Native ?

You don't need to have React Native installed on your machine. If you have it already installed, that's great--it's not really a problem. The same applies for Yarn and CodePush.

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