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  • Regenerate an existing API implementation located in the current working directory.


ern regen-api-impl
  • Version of the api for which the implementation needs to be generated. If not passed, the latest available version of the api will be picked up.
  • Indicates if this api implementation requires some config during initialization. This command will be stored and reused during container generation to enforce config initialization
--manifestId <manifestId>
  • Id of the override Manifest entry to retrieve dependencies versions from (see override Manifest for more info)


  • This command is used for example, if you add new requests to an api and would like to regenerate the implementation code for the same.
  • This command will only regenerate the read-only files inside the implementation project to avoid overriding any local changes made to the request handler implementations.
  • Once the command is executed, it may be required to fix any compilation issues in those files before publishing the code a git repo or npm.
  • This command must be executed from within the root directory of an API implementation project that was initially created using the ern create-api-impl command.