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  • This command can be used to transform a local Container using a given Container transformer.

Currently Available Official Transformers

  • pbxproj Can be used to patch one or more pbxproj (iOS project file) included in the Container, in specific ways.
  • build-config Can be used to update Build Configuration(s) -build settings- of a generated iOS Container.
  • script This transformer allows for executing an arbitrary script to transform the Container in some custom way. It supports transformation of both iOS and Android Containers.
  • git-patch Can be used to apply one or more sequential git patches to the Container.


ern transformer-container
  • The local file system path to the directory containing the Container to transform.
  • Default If this option is not provided, the command will look for a Container in the default platform directory ~/.ern/containergen/out/[platform].=
  • Specify the native platform of the target Container to transform.
  • This option is required, there is no default (unless --descriptor is used)
  • Specify the Container transformer to use (for ex build-config).
  • Can also include a specific version or a version range (for ex [email protected] or build-config@^1.0.0)
  • If no version is specified, the latest available version of the publisher will be used at the time of publication (this is a bit risky given that new major publisher versions will contain breaking changes. We recommend that you use a specific version or version range allowing minor and patch updates only)
  • It is also possible to pass a local file system path to a Container transformer package (only used for transformers development).
  • This option is required, there is no default (unless --descriptor is used)
  • Extra configuration specific to the transformer (as json)
  • Some transformers might not need any extra configuration. Check the specific Container transformer documentation for reference.
  • There is three different ways to provide the json extra configuration :
    • As a json string
      For example --extra '{"configKey": "configValue"}'
    • As a file path
      For example --extra <path>/transformer-config.json
      In that case, the configuration will be read from the file
    • As a Cauldron file path
      For example --extra cauldron://config/publishers/transformer-config.json
      In that case, the configuration will be read from the file stored in Cauldron.
      For this way to work, the file must exist in Cauldron (you can add a file to the cauldron by using the ern cauldron add file command).
ern create-container | Create a new Container (native or JavaScript only) locally to the workstation. ern publish-container | Publish a Container.