• This command can be used to run a local pre-generated Container through a Container pipeline (aribtrary sequence of transformers & publishers)


ern run-container-pipeline



  • The local file system path to the directory containing the Container to run through the pipeline.

  • Default If this option is not provided, the command will look for a Container in the default platform directory ~/.ern/containergen/out/[platform].


  • Path to the JSON file containing the pipeline configuration.

  • Can either be a local file system path to the JSON file, or a path to a JSON file stored in the cauldron (for example cauldron://config/my-pipeline.json for a my-pipeline.json file stored in config directory in the cauldron)


  • Specify the native platform of the target Container (android or ios)

  • This option is required, there is no default.


  • Specify the Container version to use for publication.

  • The version will be ignored if the pipeline is only composed of transformers.

  • Defaults to 1.0.0.


Refer to container publication and container integration documentation for more details regarding the structure of the JSON pertaining to pipeline configuration.

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