• Automatically generates the Manifest configuration of a given React Native plugin


ern create-plugin-config <plugin>



  • The npm package name of the React Native plugin for which to generate configuration. If no version is specified, latest will be considered.


ern create-plugin-config react-native-example-plugin

Creates a plugin configuration for react-native-example-plugin latest version

ern create-plugin-config react-native-example-plugin@1.2.0

Creates a plugin configuration for react-native-example-plugin version 1.2.0


  • This command needs to be run from the root of a cloned Manifest repository

  • This command only creates the configuration in the manifest locally. You will need to manually review/test and then git add/commit/push the changes to the Manifest repository.

  • This command will fail in case it detects that the plugin should be configurable as it doesn't support Configurable Plugin config generation.

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