• Update an existing file in the Cauldron


ern cauldron update file <localFilePath> <cauldronFilePath>



  • Absolute path to a file to overwrite Cauldron target file with


  • Target file path in the Cauldron, of the file to update (overwrite)

  • Relative to the root of the Cauldron repository

  • Should include target file name (can be same as source filename or different)

  • Source file name can be different

  • The file referenced by the path should exist in the Cauldron


  • ern cauldron update file /etc/example.json data/example.json

    Overwrite file example.json in the Cauldron directory data, with the file example.json located in local path /etc

ern cauldron add file | Add a file to the Cauldron ern cauldron del file | Remove a file from the Cauldron

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