This command can only be used with access to an [Electrode Native bundle store server]

To use this command, the bundleStore config must be set in cauldron


Set a store as the current target to upload bundles to


ern bundlestore use <storeAccessKey>



The access key of the store to use. This is the key that was obtained when initially running the bundlestore create command for this store.


Once a given store is in use :

  • Whenever running an ern command, the name of the store currently in use will be displayed in the logs next to the current Cauldron name.

  • The bundlestore upload command will upload bundles to this store.


  • ern bundlestore use d49fd6a7-4957-42df-953b-8ac3a98e7cf8

Use the store associated to access key d49fd6a7-4957-42df-953b-8ac3a98e7cf8


ℹ Now using store mystore

bundlestore create | Create a store bundlestore delete | Delete a store bundlestore upload | Upload a bundle to the current store

[Electrode Native bundle store server]:

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