This command can only be used with access to an [Electrode Native bundle store server]

To use this command, the bundleStore config must be set in cauldron


Create a new store in the bundle store server


ern bundlestore create <storeName>



The name of the store to create. This name is also used as a unique identifier for the store, therefore the command will fail in case a store with a similar name already exist in the bundle store server.


Upon successful completion of this command :

  • The current store will be set to this store (i.e any subsequent bundlestore commands will target this store). It is possible at any time to switch to a different store, using the bundlestore use command.

  • The store access key will be logged. This key should be shared with users that will upload bundles to the store. The bundlestore use and bundlestore delete commands need this access key to operate.


  • ern bundlestore create mystore

Creates a new store with name mystore


ℹ Store mystore was successfuly created
ℹ AccessKey : d49fd6a7-4957-42df-953b-8ac3a98e7cf8

bundlestore use | Use a specific store bundlestore delete | Delete a store bundlestore upload | Upload a bundle to the current store

[Electrode Native bundle store server]:

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