Echoes configuration stored in Cauldron.


ern cauldron config get



  • The configuration key for which to retrieve value

  • Default Will return the whole configuration object


  • The target descriptor which to retrieve configuration from

    Default Returns the top level / global configuration, not associated to a specific descriptor


  • Output config as a single line JSON record.


  • Echoes the configuration strictly associated to the descriptor

    Default false. If no configuration is found for the specific descriptor, the closest applied configuration will be returned. For example, if a native application version descriptor is provided but no configuration is stored at this level, the command will look for a configuration -until it finds one- in the platform level, then native application and finally top level / global cauldron config.

ern cauldron config set | Sets configuration stored in Cauldron. [ern cauldron config del] | Deletes configuration stored in Cauldron.

[ern cauldron config del]: ./

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