While Git offers many benefits in our case compared to a large database system, developers who are familiar with Git repositories are also familiar with the Git workflow--which doesn't match the workflow when working with a cauldron repository. For example, developers working in a Git repository might be tempted to fork, branch, and issue pull requests for a cauldron.

A Cauldron should only be updated using the Electrode Native CLI commands. You should not update the Cauldron 'manually'. If you update a cauldron manually, you bypass all compatibility checks performed by Electrode Native and you risk de-synchronizing the container version and the yarn locks. Only exception to this rule is if you need to setup some config objects in the Cauldron (container generator, manifest), as Electrode Native doest have any CLI command yet to write configuration to the Cauldron.

Note: Open an issue if you aren't able to achieve what you need in the Cauldron through using only Electrode Native CLI commands. It's possible that an existing command should be updated or a new command should be created.

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