• Get a mobile application binary from the binary store


ern binarystore get <descriptor> <outDir>



  • A complete native application descriptor (ex: myapp:android:1.0.0), representing the native application version associated to this binary.


  • Relative or absolute path to a directory where the binary will be transfered to. If the directory does not exist, it will be ecreated.


  • This command will only work if the following conditions are met:

    • A binary store server is running

    • There is an active Cauldron

    • The active Cauldron contains proper configuration of the binary store

  • If a binary for the same native application version already exists in outDir, it will be replaced

  • The binary will be named as follow [mobile-app-name]:[platform]:[version].[ext] For example, for myapp:android:1.0.0, the binary filename will be myapp-android-1.0.0.apk. For myapp:ios:1.0.0 it will be

ern binarystore add | Add a native application binary to the binary store [ern binarystore remove] | Remove a native application binary from the binary store

[ern binarystore remove]: ./

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