• Update the versions of one or more native dependencies in a non-released target native application version container (Cauldron)

  • Generate and publish a new Container version


ern cauldron update dependencies <dependencies..>



  • One or more dependencies (delimited by spaces) to update in a target native application version in the Cauldron.

  • Only native dependencies that are not used by any MiniApp will be updated. It is not possible to update native dependencies used by one or more MiniApp(s).

  • You can only update with native dependency versions that have been published to NPM.

  • You cannot use the file or git schemes for the dependency(ies).

  • The version of each dependency is corresponding to the version to update to.


ern cauldron update dependencies MyDependency@1.2.3 This example shows how to update the version of MyDependency to 1.2.3 in the native application version.


--containerVersion/-v <version>

  • Specify a version for the new container

  • Default Incremental patch number of the current container version

    Example: If the current container version is 1.2.3 and a version is not included in the command, the new container version will be 1.2.4.

--descriptor/-d <descriptor>

  • Update the native dependencies in a given target native application version in the Cauldron matching the provided native application descriptor

  • You can only pass a complete native application descriptor as the native dependencies updated using this command target only a specific single native application version.

    Default Lists all non-released native application versions from the Cauldron and prompts you to choose one to update.


  • The ern cauldron update dependencies <dependencies..> command is rarely used.

  • Native dependency versions are automatically updated if necessary when adding or updating MiniApps using the ern cauldron add miniapps command and the ern cauldron update miniapps command

[ern cauldron add dependencies] | Add one or more new native dependencies

[ern cauldron add dependencies]: ../add/

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