• Set the local platform configuration values stored in the ~/.ern/.ernrc file


ern platform config set <key> <value>



  • The key of the configuration element to set


  • If specified, will set the config value associated to this key.

Configurable properties

  • logLevel [trace|debug|info|error|fatal] Set the log level to use for all commands. default : info

  • showBanner [boolean] Show the Electrode Native ASCII banner for all commands. default : true

  • tmp-dir Temporary directory to use during commands execution. default : system default

  • retain-tmp-dir [boolean] If set to true, the temporary directories created during some commands execution, won't be destroyed after the command execution. default : false

  • codePushAccessKey [string] Code push access key associated with your account

  • codePushCustomServerUrl [string] CodePush custom server url, in case you are not using the Microsoft CodePush server.

  • codePushProxy CodePush proxy server url.

  • codePushCustomHeaders CodePush custom extra http headers.

  • max-package-cache-size [number] The maximum disk space to use for the package cache, in Bytes. Only apply if the package cache is enabled (package-cache-enabled configuration key set to true). default : 2GB

  • package-cache-enabled [boolean] Indicates whether the package cache should be enabled. Enabling the package cache will lead to faster Containers generation, given that all packages versions used for a Container generation, will be retrieved from the cache if available rather than being downloaded upon every generation. default : true

  • ignore-required-ern-version [boolean] Indicates whether any Cauldron ern version requirement should be ignored. This is mostly used for Electrode Native development and should not be set to true otherwise. default : false


  • In case a value already exists in the configuration for a given key, this command will not fail and will overwrite the existing value.

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