• Create a new MiniApp in a new directory named after the MiniApp.

The generated MiniApp is a starter HelloWorld MiniApp that you can use to launch a standalone MiniApp on the iOS or Android platforms in our Runner—using the ern run-ios and ern run-android commands.

If you used react-native previously, you'll notice that the generated JavaScript react-native MiniApp is exactly the same react-native starter app as the one provided by react-native. A MiniApp is simply a react-native application. One of the differences with react-native is that we generate our own native projects which use a locally-generated ern container.

iOS and Android directories are not generated by this command. To generate those directories, run the ern run-ios or ern run-android commands.


ern create-miniapp <appName>



  • The name to use for the MiniApp. The MiniApp name must follow Electrode Native module name rules.

  • We recommend suffixing the name of MiniApp with suffix App


--scope/-s <scope>

  • Specify the NPM package scope to use for the MiniApp.

  • Add the package scope automatically in the package.json of the generated MiniApp.

  • Default Package will be unscoped.

--packageName/-p <name>

  • Specify the NPM package name to use for the MiniApp.

  • Add the package name automatically in the package.json of the generated MiniApp.

  • Default The command will prompt for the package name to use.

--platformVersion/-v <version>

  • Specify a platform version if different from the currently activated version.

  • This option is rarely used.

  • Default Will use the currently activated platform version.


  • Skip the check ensuring package does not already exists in NPM registry.

  • Default The value defaults to false.


ern create-miniapp MyAwesomeApp

Creates a MiniApp named MyAwesomeApp.

ern create-miniapp MyAwesomeApp --scope MyCompany

Creates a MiniApp named MyAwesomeApp and use MyCompany as the scope of the MiniApp NPM package.

ern create-miniapp MyAwesomeApp --packageName my-awesome-app

Creates a MiniApp named MyAwesomeAp and use my-awesome-app as the name of the MiniApp NPM package.


  • MiniApp name can only consist of upper and lower case characters. No digits nor special characters can be used.

  • Package name should be a valid NPM package name.

  • This command is the ern equivalent of the react-native init command.

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