Sets configuration stored in Cauldron.


ern cauldron config set



  • The configuration key for which to set configuration value

  • Default Will set the whole configuration object


  • The target descriptor which to set configuration for

    Default Set the top level / global configuration, not associated to a specific descriptor


  • Value to set

    There is not default, this is required

  • The value can either be a number, boolean, string or an object

  • An object can be provided as a JSON string or as a file path to a JSON file, or finally as a reference to a JSON file stored in Cauldron (using the cauldron:// file scheme)

ern cauldron config get | Echoes configuration stored in Cauldron. [ern cauldron config del] | Deletes configuration stored in Cauldron.

[ern cauldron config del]: ./

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