• Remove one or more native dependencies from a non-released native application version container (Cauldron)

  • Perform multiple checks to ensure that MiniApps in the current container, for this native application version, are not using the native dependencies

    Note If one of the MiniApps is relying on one of the native dependencies, the command fails. In this situation, a list is displayed showing you the MiniApps that are depending on the native dependency. To resolve this, do one of the following:

    • Remove the MiniApps that are relying on the dependency

    • Remove the dependency from the MiniApp

  • Create and publish a new Container version to account for the removal of the native dependencies


ern cauldron del dependencies <dependencies..>



  • One or more dependencies (delimited by spaces) to remove from a native application version in the Cauldron.


--containerVersion/-v <version>

  • Specify a version for the new container

  • Default Incremental patch number of the current container version

    Example: If the current container version is 1.2.3 and a version is not included in the command, the new container version will be 1.2.4.

--descriptor/-d <descriptor>

  • Remove the native dependencies from a given target native application version in the Cauldron matching the provided native application descriptor

  • You can only pass a complete native application descriptor as the native dependencies removed using this command target only a specific single native application version.

    Default Lists all non-released native application versions from the Cauldron and prompts you to choose one to remove from the native dependencies


  • Bypass compatibility checks and force-remove the native dependencies from the Cauldron.

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