cauldron regen-container


Triggers the regeneration of a Container from the Cauldron.


ern cauldron regen-container


-v/--containerVersion <version>

  • Specify the version of the new container.

  • Default Increment patch number of the current container version

    Example: If the current container version is 1.2.3 and a version is not included in the command, the new container version will be 1.2.4.

  • You can only use a version that is greater than the current version of the Container.

-d/--descriptor <descriptor>

  • The target native application version in the Cauldron (in the form of a complete native application descriptor) for which to regenerate the Container.

    Default Lists all non-released native application versions from the Cauldron and prompts you to choose one.

    Example ern cauldron regen-api -d MyNativeApp:android:1.0.0


  • Bypass compatibility checks and force update native dependencies versions.

    Caution Before using the --force/-f option, be sure that you can bypass compatibility checks.


  • The [ern create-container] command can also generate a container given a complete native application descriptor. But the [ern create-container] will only create the Container locally and not update the Cauldron or publish the new version.

  • This command should only be used if you need to regenerate a Container for a native application version, without adding/removing/updating any MiniApp or native dependencies (very limited use case)

[ern create-container]: ../

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