• Remove a native application entry from a Cauldron


ern cauldron del nativeapp <descriptor>



  • A partial native application descriptor or a complete native application descriptor representing the native application entry to be removed from the Cauldron.


ern cauldron del nativeapp TestApp Remove the native application named TestApp from the cauldron. This includes removing all platforms and versions of this native application from the Cauldron.

ern cauldron del nativeapp TestApp:android Remove the android platform entry of TestApp from the Cauldron. This includes removing all versions entries in Cauldron of TestApp for android platform, but will other platform versions untouched.

ern cauldron del nativeapp TestApp:android:1.0.0 Remove version 1.0.0 of the TestApp android from the Cauldron. All other versions of TestApp android will remain untouched.


  • The ern cauldron del nativeapp <descriptor> command is rarely used for Cauldrons in production environments.

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