• This command can be used to publish a local Container to a remote repository using a given publisher.


ern publish-container <containerPath>



  • The local file system path to the directory containing the Container to publish.


--version/-v <version>

  • Specify the Container version to use for publication.

  • The version must be in the format: x.y.z where x, y and z are integers. For example version=1.2.30.

  • Defaults to 1.0.0.

--publisher/-p <publisher>

  • Specify the Container publisher to use.

  • This option is required, there is no default.

  • You can also use a local file system path to a Container publisher package (only used for developing custom publishers)

--url/-u <url>

  • The url to publish the Container to

  • Some publishers might not need an url. Check the specific Container publisher documentation for reference

--config/-c <config>

  • Extra configuration specific to the publisher used.

  • Some publishers might not need an extra configuration. Check the Container publisher documentation for reference.

[ern create-container] | Create a new container (native or JavaScript only) locally to the workstation.

[ern create-container]: ./

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